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Pako’s Dream Land – a story behind one big dream



   It was one warm July night in 1991. that one precious look of two dark eyes „under the brows“imprisoned my heart forever. That night, in the arms of my father, the first Airedale terrier arrived in our home. He walked in bravely, with that adventurous spirit of the breed, playful, gentle, jolly, prancing around, and he started the ruling of the breed that he represented so perfectly in my life. From that day on, even though I love all dogs, I adore one breed, and one breed only.


  And that isn’t my fault...


  I just surrendered in front of the will of the dogs that made my life more beautiful, richer, and more perfect. Where Airedale sets his foot, he rules!


Airedale is Airedale is Airedale...  



    Even though the whole dog world puts a crown on his head claming that terriers are kings of all breeds and that Airedale is the king of all terriers, H.M. the Airedale would found himself offended if he knew that we compare him with other dogs. In years of his presence as a recognized breed on this planet he was trying, with all his skills and good points to assure us that he is much more than JUST a dog (it was by some dreadful mistake of mother nature that she put him in a four legged body). Well, it is a wide known FACT that world is spinning around him. Isn’t it obvious that he is the most beautiful, the most intelligent, the smartest, the best, the strongest, the most skillful, the bravest, the...?????? Shhhhhhhhhhh. Please. Don’t spoil that to him. With all his good points, a little vanity is quite understandable. 


   So, the battle was lost even before it started, and I couldn’t do anything else but to dedicate myself to the breed.


    In that distant year of 1991. we didn’t have Internet here, and no literature could be found. But, Pako was there, right beside me. So, I learned from him and he was an outstanding teacher. Because of him, so I could provide him the best care, I started to get literature from abroad, I contacted breeders in Europe, went to the „dog academy“ in Belgrade, asked around, bothered Yugoslav breeders, watched, learned, I was a sponge for any knowledge about Airedales. With Internet at hand I spent hours and hours surfing through anything that involved Airedales and dogs in general. Still, my best teachers were and are my dogs...


   Pako, the first and unique, typical Airedale by character and temperament, the main „guilty part“ for my involvement with the breed. Bubica, girl that had every known behavioral disorder known to dog lovers, and by that my most important teacher of them all. Dzips-Ups, the only dog I have ever known that had no mean bone in her body. Endzi, my gentle angel that opened so many doors for me, my special girl. Firga, predominant, overprotective boy with golden heart. Sirano, alien dog, always in a world of his own. Gvozdencica, my little perfection that didn’t get a proper chance to shine with all her colors. Roxitoxicilin, the best remedy for sour heart and queen mother of new „golden“ age of the kennel. Latekijana, the measurement for silliness, my gentle clown and teddy bear. Kjaca, proof that lots of love and care and work always pays back hundreds of times. Dzoca, playful puppy caught in a body of a grown up dog. Livingstone, breeder’s dream come true. Shane, breeder’s dream come true – part two. Mrvica, great dog in a small package, hearty girl. Dvrca, our mascot and rocket dog...



   And they make me learn more and more, improve myself more, get to know breed even better, find finesses, discover secrets, see mistakes, admit them and set them right.


   During these seventeen years of involvement with the breed I learned a lot. My life is enriched with lots of friends, Airedale owners through out Europe, USA, Australia, Japan, and South African Republic... Airedales opened so many doors for me, brought so much joy into my life, enriched my life beyond believable. Because of them (and I can say that without any doubt) I am a better man (OK, I am woman, I know). 



   If I say that I am very professional in my work and involvement with breed, but that I am pretty much the amateur as a breeder, maybe someone would not understand.


   Puppies from our kennel go to their new homes completely dehelmetized, vaccinated and re-vaccinated, micro chipped, fed with Purina Pro Plan Puppy optistart from their fourth week, completely socialized. They are growing up beside my bed (and, yes, I admit, they sleep in that same bed with me), in constant contact with people and world that surrounds them, they have a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig yard to run and play in. They grow under the „special“ care and hawk eyes of other dogs in our home. They are totally into music, fuss, noise, we put their little (master)minds at different tests, test their agility and character... They are much loved, spoiled rotten, and cared for. And we miss them so much when they are gone to conquer new worlds. And those „new worlds“ must reinsure me that those pups will live surrounded with lots of love, care, happiness and will live a wonderful lives of house pets. Show results are cherry on the top, but they are not the main reason why these puppies are born. And, because of that, the main role in choosing new owners for them plays the reason for getting a dog.



    With my dogs I visited so many dog shows all over my country (ex and how it is today), about ten European countries, tree European and one World dog show, lots of club shows and breed specialties. We brought home lots of cups, diplomas, awards (and we dust them regularly), we achieved so many things, gained so much successes, made friends with people and dogs, and still, the BIGGEST reward of them all is, when we are comfortably stretched over couch, their heads in my lap, and we travel on the wings of love. And, at the end of the day, that is what gives a sense to it all.



    So, if you think that dogs are, above all house pets and our friends, and what we, people ask of them to achieve comes in the second place, than you are more than welcome in Pako’s Dream Land! Please, do come in, if you don’t mind wet nose pokes, wet beards, muddy paw prints on the floor, hawk eyes that spy on every bite you take and lots of looong, undocked tails that crush everything that stands in their ways. Of course, the best places on the couch and best seats are already taken.



   I use this opportunity to say THANK YOU to some wonderful people without whom the dream about Pako’s Dream Land as it is today would never come true.


   To my daddy who listened the tales and stories about this breed and knew that it was just right for me, and had so much luck for Pako to choose him. He was my faithful Sancho Passa on our first dog shows. His love for dogs was undying. To my grandmother who allowed her house to get occupied by Airedales and who was a mother goose to our dogs when we were not at home. They are greatly and sadly missed, and I am sure that they watch over us from somewhere above.


  To our dear Veca who was more than ready to play a part of doggie chauffeur to dog shows all over the Europe. Even she strayed to the world of Welsh terriers, her first love were Airedales, and we all know that first love never dies. She helped us on countless occasions and without her everything would be less interesting.



  To Sandrica because she let me in a magical world of different creatures landed to this earth – Afghan hounds. For one beautiful friendship and many traveling together. To her mom Zora for opened doors of their wonderful home. To Sandrica for her patience, her wonderful imagination, hard work, her great will to create this beautiful, magical site. You are the BEST!



  To Zoran Jaksic who taught us what a vet should be. 


  To Lale & Barca - ,"ZarVel vet", wonderful people, outstanding vets who are always there for us, even when it is hardest, they fight along our side and they don’t give up even when it looks hopeless. 


  To all those wonderful people in whose homes live, run, bark, crush things and love all our puppies that left our homes. Thank them for caring so much and giving so much love to them. For all of them, I know that everything I do is worth doing.


  To all people that I didn’t mentioned but who touched our lives in some way, made it richer and better.


  Last, but not least, thank to my mom, without whom nothing would be possible. Even though she grouches sometimes, my dogs are in safest hands there is when I am not here. They are surrounded with love, care and lots of treats. Thank her for all support, ideas, rolled up sleeves, financing, making me keep on, sharing of laughs, tears, winnings, loosing, doubts, decisions... For sandwiches and pastry she makes and which keeps us going on maratonic dog shows. For a welcome she gives to everybody that comes into our home. For a voice of reason and everything she did, does and will do for Pako’s Dream Land.


   And thank to Pako, Rubi, Dzipsi, Firga, Sirano, Endzi, Gvozdenka, Roksi, Latek, Dzoli, Shane, Mrvica, Dvrca, Flekica, Garolina, Gigi, Max, Ada, Grisha, Shamu and Sky because they are the most deserving for everything. 



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